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Meniere s Disease

Meniere s disease is a purulent disease of the inner ear characterized by an increase of both the labyrinthine fluid and inner ear pressure, thus causing bouts of progressive deafness, tinnitus, vertigo and imbalance, and autonomic disturbances (nausea, vomiting) Meniere s disease is usually – one-way process, in 10-15% of cases – two-sided. Meniere s […]

Diseases of the Inner Ear – Labyrinthitis

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of labyrinthitis Labyrinthitis reason is not entirely clear. Most often, the disease is triggered by upper respiratory tract infection (cold, flu). Less often, the cause of labyrinthitis is an infection of the middle ear. Even rarer labyrinthitis can be caused by a bacterial infection. Labyrinthitis – an inflammation of the inner […]

Inner Ear Infection

In the occurrence and development of inner ear infection and auditory nerve have a great importance of properties of the microbe or virus, their affinity to various tissues and systems. This explains the diversity of clinical symptomatology, course and outcome of diseases of the inner ear in various infections. One of the most significant properties […]

What is Meniere’s Disease?

There are many sides to tinnitus suffering, but one of the more serious conditions that can physically cause aches, pains, and frustration is called Meniere’s Disease. Typically, those with this type of tinnitus get attacks, much like panic attacks but more physical and geared in the ears. An attack typically starts with ear pressure as […]