Lipoflavonoid as a Cure for “Tinnitus”

Speaking of lipoflavonoid as a cure for tinnitus is worth recalling that the noise in a head or on medical term “tinnitus” is not a distinct disease, but a symptom. The cause of tinnitus can be a variety of diseases. The cause of this condition may be senile changes in the hearing aid and ear trauma or pathology of the cardiovascular system. Most people with tinnitus have noted that the treatment of the underlying cause of tinnitus symptoms to diminish with time.
Currently, the term “tinnitus” is designated subjective tinnitus. Tinnitus involves not just noise or ringing in the ears or head, and a whole set of related problems – emotional, mental, and social.
Chronic tinnitus affects about 5% of the world population. Nervous stress caused by constant noise and the Lipoflavonoidinability to enjoy peace leads to insomnia, depression, irritability, impaired concentration, and unexplained fears.

Tinnitus manifests a sense of the constant noise in the ears. This noise can be characterized by patients as buzz, hiss, whistle or bell. In addition, there is a hearing loss. Noise values can range from quiet to loud ringing whistle, as in one ear or in both. Sometimes the noise can be felt, so loudly that the patient cannot concentrate on their work and daily activities. Accumulation of ear wax may worsen symptoms of tinnitus, as it is noted hearing loss. The patient cannot hear outside sounds, making the internal noise in the ears feels louder. Over time, symptoms of tinnitus are perceived not as prevalent and cause less stress. Smoothed manifestations of depression, improve sleep and overall health.

The causes of tinnitus can be various and the search for the causes of noise in the ear should begin as soon as possible but the main changes that underlie in the emergence of tinnitus is following; Thousands of hearing cells of the inner ear with hairs provide conversion of sound waves into electrical signals, which then enter the brain. Normally, these hair cells move in accordance with sound waves. However, the damage to these hairs or irritation they move randomly. The result is a mixture of electrical signals that the brain is regarded as a constant noise. Along with plenty of medications designed to eliminate unpleasant noises in the ears, we would like to tell you about lipoflavonoid that is a dietary supplement that can help improve circulation in the inner ear. This is nutritional support which is not intended to treat or diagnose the disease. This product is free of starch, wheat, sugar, and other preservatives. Lipoflavonoid was created in 1961 by DSE Healthcare Solutions and mostly consists of vitamins, such as vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, choline, inositol, and pantothenic acid. The dietary supplement was designed of eriodictyol glycoside or bioflavonoids which were found in the citrus.

In addition, there are other methods of treatment:

-The preparation plant ginkgo
-Cochlear implants
-Electrical stimulation
-Preparations of benzodiazepines (tranquilizers) and baclofen (a muscle relaxant)
– Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (treatment with oxygen under high pressure),

Treatment of tinnitus depends on the cause.
If the cause of tinnitus is age-related changes in the inner ear or damage due to noise trauma, the treatment does not currently exist. The majority of patients can only adapt to the problem. The doctor can discuss with you the tips to reduce the severity of tinnitus.
If the cause of tinnitus – vascular disease, you need to start treating the condition.
If tinnitus is a manifestation of taking certain medications, you need to stop taking them or replace them with other drugs. The above mentioned nutritional supplement “lipoflavonoid” helps relieve or reduce the noise in the ears, but it is not the primary remedy for tinnitus.

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